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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Smith May 2018

Smith May 2018

Dear friends and family, 

Sometimes in His Sovereignty, God puts something in front of us that we never expected. I have learned that He uses these things to deepen our faith and help us depend on Him. For a while it has been on my heart to work in a place where the gospel and music can go hand-in-hand to help kids in need, possibly overseas. My preferred locations included Asia or South America, maybe inner-city America, but Africa was always last on the list. So when God started leading me towards serving as a music teacher with The Rafiki Foundation in Africa six months ago, I knew He was up to something big...probably with a chuckle and a twinkle in His eye! 

I was introduced to The Rafiki Foundation at a missions conference at my college. I was immediately drawn to this ministry as a unique place where God could use my musical skills to share the gospel and give hope to impoverished children. The Rafiki Foundation addresses the spiritual and physical needs of the “least of these” in a variety of ways, with God’s Word at the center of it all. They have built Rafiki Villages in ten different African countries which include an orphanage, Christian school, teacher training college, and a ministry for widows. In Africa, where the physical needs are overwhelming, providing good education is arguably the best way to make long-lasting change. It is, more importantly, a very effective way to disciple children to come to know and love their Savior, as they begin each day with the Rafiki Bible Study—a high-quality study designed for different ages in an African context. Please read more about Rafiki at 

After some clear answers to prayer, many conversations with people who had served with Rafiki, a weekend training session this past February, and much prayer, I have committed to serving with The Rafiki Foundation as a music teacher for a year! I will be teaching both in the K-12 school and the teacher training college. I will be able to be a good steward of the 17 years of music instruction which God has given me by teaching eager learners how to read music, how to play piano, and more. At the same time, I expect to be taught myself by these people who seem to have music running in their veins! 

This opportunity is exciting and frightening at the same time! But my fears lead me to lean on my God who has been so faithful in the past. I am excited about all the things He will teach me as I follow His call to serve in Africa. I invite you to ask God if He would have you join me in this mission. I cannot do this alone! So often, my flesh is weak and my faith is the size of a mustard seed. I need your prayers! I also need funds in order to make this trip a reality. Rafiki is asking me to raise $15,000 to go for one year. If God puts it on your heart, would you consider pledging any amount to support me monthly, or give a one-time gift? I am hoping to be sent out by the end of 2018. The sooner my funds and pledges come in, the sooner I can get rolling with this unexpected, God-given adventure. If you contact me at, I would be happy to share more with you about my journey with Rafiki!