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Rafiki Foundation  |  Training Africans to Transform Africa for Christ


17 Mar 20
How Rafiki is Handling the Coronavirus
Due to the recent precautions required for COVID 19, The Rafiki Foundation Home Office  and Mt. Dora store will not be accessible for...
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19 Aug 19
Rafiki's History in Malawi
Please come build a Rafiki orphanage in the city of Mzuzu!
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13 Aug 19
Classical Christian Education for the Nations
When I first arrived as a teacher to the Geneva School in 2003 I saw it as a detour from my ultimate intention of becoming a foreign...
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11 Aug 19
Philosophy Intro Part V: The Spectrum of Philosophy
In the same way that science can be organized into different categories such as physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and geology,...
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10 Aug 19
Philosophy Intro Part IV: Why is Philosophy Integral to Classical Education
In seeking answers to the deepest and most fundamental human questions, philosophy certainly shares a good deal of overlap with both...
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08 Aug 19
Philosophy Intro Part III: What is Philosophy?
Broken down into its Greek roots of philo and sophos, philosophy literally means “love of wisdom.” This literal translation is indeed an...
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08 Aug 19
Philosophy Intro Part II: Classical Christian Education and the Seven Liberal Arts
“The Christian Classical educational tradition embodies just the kind of holistic and fully integrated curriculum that a thoroughly...
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07 Aug 19
Philosophy Intro Part I: What is the Great Conversation?
Discussions of classical education often reference “the Great Conversation” in Western thought. What is the Great Conversation, and why...
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06 Aug 19
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe – it’s just a kids book.
Essential to a classical education is a reading culture. Reading in leisure or for pleasure is not a common practice for many Kenyans. In...
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05 Aug 19
Giving Back to the Family
One of the young boys shared that he noticed his relatives did not pray before meals. After thinking about it, he asked if he could teach...
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