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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Prayers Answered: Rafiki Tanzania’s Secondary School Registration

Prayers Answered: Rafiki Tanzania’s Secondary School Registration

In 2018, the Rafiki Village Tanzania began construction on three new science laboratories to meet the secondary school registration requirements of the Tanzanian government. Although the hope was that with these labs, the school could be registered by the beginning of 2019, God had other plans. He was providing Rafiki with an opportunity to wait on Him and trust in His timing and provision.

The Tanzania Village encountered a number of hurdles and delays as they worked to properly achieve registration. After all the hard work and prayer of the previous year, the Village was disappointed to realize they would not be registered in time for school to start in January 2019. By that point, two grade levels of resident students were leaving the Village each day to attend a government school. Rafiki continued to pray for favor with Tanzanian education officials as we navigated providing a high-quality education while complying with government policies and expectations.

In May 2019, an inspection of the secondary laboratory construction resulted in high praise. Yet, although gratified, Rafiki Tanzania faced a new obstacle—the Village property would have to be re-zoned before moving forward. Knowing that this could delay the registration process significantly, we were grateful for the support of our Tanzanian church partners who began working to help bring it about as quickly as possible.

The process of re-zoning the Village property proved to be lengthy, and in December 2019, we were still praying for the final signatures on the paperwork in order to proceed with registration. In February 2020, the missionaries wrote, “It’s hard to see three grade levels of our students leaving the Village each morning to attend the government school when we have facilities, materials, and excellent teachers standing ready to educate them as soon as we get this paper signed. We trust in our sovereign God to guide us to take every necessary step.” Not only the missionaries and staff but these students themselves were eager to return to school at Rafiki, and they continued to hope and pray.

In spite of the setbacks, the Village received more encouragement—a government employee was very impressed when he toured the Rafiki School and made phone calls to help move the registration process forward. By June 2020, we began to see significant progress. The secondary school registration had been approved at the regional level and awaited approval at the national level. While the Rafiki School Tanzania waited, they worked to train nine teachers for the secondary school, preparing them to be classical Christian teachers who train students up in all that is true, good, and beautiful.

In November, one of the major documents for registration was approved, leaving just a few final steps to complete the process. Finally, after years of praying and waiting, the Home Office received word on December 30, 2020, that the Rafiki Tanzania Secondary School had been officially registered with the Tanzanian government!  We are praising God and rejoicing that our secondary school is registered and ready for students to come receive an excellent classical Christian education.

To God by the glory!