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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Allinder Jul 2018

Allinder Jul 2018

“I will send down the showers in their season; they shall be showers of blessing” (Ezekiel 34:26).

Greetings from Rafiki Village Zambia!

The above verse has a special meaning for this Rafiki Village. You see, the name “Blessing” is pretty common in Zambia, and we are blessed to have four Blessings at our Village—three of whom live in the same cottage! 

Blessing one is currently in Grade Level Three. She came to live at the Rafiki Village about five years ago. Learning academic things is not easy for her so she spends part of each school morning with a separate teacher to improve her motor and vocabulary skills, and then remains with her class for the rest of her subjects. Blessing enjoys playing with her friends at recess and especially likes the weekly movies that all the resident children watch on Saturday. Her favorite thing at school is the weekly art class. She also enjoys Bible class each morning with the rest of grade level three.

Blessing on her way to church
Blessing on her way to church

Please pray that Blessing, as well as all other children, respond to the teaching of God’s Word through their daily lessons in the Rafiki Bible Study.

Blessing two came to live at Rafiki five years ago along with her twin brother. She loves recess and her favorite subject at school is literature. She has liked best this year reading in class “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” She says that she likes the part about Edmund eating the Turkish Delight and appreciated when her teacher shared some of that candy with the class!

Blessing two
Blessing on her way to literature class

Please pray that Blessing and all the children will grow in their love for good literature and that it will be a way for them to learn more about God’s truth, goodness, and beauty.

Blessing three has been living at the Rafiki Village for six years. She is in grade level five, on the honor roll, and is a class prefect. Her class just finished reading “Island of the Blue Dolphins” and Blessing said she liked reading how the main character learned to take care of herself when alone on the island.

Blessin Three
Blessing enjoying watching her older classmates play a soccer match

Please pray that all our students will develop leadership skills in the classrooms, at their churches, and in their communities.

Blessing four is now in grade level six, having joined Rafiki School last year when she and her family moved to our area. Students who join a Rafiki School in primary grades often find it a struggle because we teach everything in English (except for Cinyanja class) and because we require students to be minimally at seventy percent in English and math. Blessing was so determined that after her first visit to the school, at which she did not do very well on entrance exams, she went home and memorized part of the multiplication tables in one day’s time. Based on her resolve, we admitted her into grade level five. At the end of her first term, she had a GPA of about 1.0. But with the help of a committed teacher, the encouragement of her classmates, and her own determination, she ended her first year here with a perfect GPA of 4.0. Blessing says what she likes about Rafiki School is that it looks beautiful and appreciates the trees, grass, and flowers throughout the Village.

Blessing Four
Blessing in the shadows of the trees she appreciates at Rafiki

Please pray that all students will be like Blessing—determined to excel and appreciative of what God provides through Rafiki.

I hope this letter about Blessings has encouraged you. All of you have been a great blessing to these girls, the other students, and to me personally through your prayer, support, and encouragement. May God richly bless all of you!