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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Our Curriculum

The Plight

We do not want to just affect the educational system of Africa. It is our goal to absolutely transform education across Africa. The amount of schools, teachers, and money that have been given to Africa already is simply astounding. However, Africa is in the midst of one of the greatest educational crises in history. Over 50 million children on the continent are without any form of substantive education (there are only 50.7 million children in the whole K-12 American education system as of 2017). As the African population continues to skyrocket, but poverty levels remain the same, it is likely this number will become even more dramatic in the next decade.

Our Curriculum

Using the Right Materials

There is an old saying that a worker is only as good as his tools. To that end, we have built two tools that are having an enormous impact. 

Bible Study

First, the Rafiki Bible Study is an incredible resource that covers all 66 books of the Bible, week by week, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. God has used this resource to help thousands of African Christians to know Him better through His word. 


Second, our Christian classical curriculum is a full-orbed educational system. From preK-12th grade, we have carefully crafted a curriculum that works through all the key subjects, with a focus on the great books of the western world, all built on the foundation of God’s Word. 


GL5 History

GL5 Art

GL5 Math

GL5 Language Arts Teacher Text

Reaching the Next Generation

Across 10 separate African countries, we have over 800 orphans living and being educated in our Villages. Also, almost 2000 local children come to our 10 schools from the surrounding towns. Each child, whether resident or day student, receives a complete humanities education based in a biblical worldview. Imagine the impact of almost 3,000 young Africans shaped by the Scriptures, grounded in the classics, educated by history. When they stepped out onto their continent they would have the power to transform the lives and education of their countrymen. 

Teaching the Teachers

Our teacher’s colleges are the newest step in this mission. The Rafiki Institute of Classical Education (RICE) was founded to train up the next generation of African educators. Each college has a three-year program that takes students through Theology, History, Philosophy, Literature, Science, Mathematics, and more! The chief goal of this program is to produce a generation of educators who are more than distributors of textbooks. Ultimately our desire is to see a group of educators who are competent thinkers who seek to relay the learning they love so much to any student willing to listen. Through our 22 African church partner denominations, we have connections with over 10,000 schools across Africa desperately in need of qualified teachers. This is how we are going to transform education in Africa. One teacher and one student at a time.