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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Yearning to Read

Yearning to Read

In second grade, Deborah was trapped in a government school surrounded by a dense class of 80 children and a teacher who seldom arrived. Deborah was not an unusual case. African classrooms are consistently overcrowded, sometimes with up to 100 children per room, supervised by a single teacher. When Deborah's teacher did show up, he merely took the class outside to work in the school farm rather than filling their minds with reading, writing and arithmetic. Deborah, on the other hand, yearned to read books and learn math, not master a shovel or train with a rake.

After her initial interview for acceptance at the local Rafiki school, she cried and begged God to attend the school. He was faithful, and like the persistent widow of scripture, her persistence paid off.

Immediately after she was enrolled at Rafiki, Deborah's life changed. She exclaimed, “I have teachers that really teach me! And hard stuff, too! I do have to work hard. There are books and materials to use, and there are only nineteen students in the class. I love going to school at Rafiki!”