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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work
Growth in Grace: Caroline’s Transformation Story

Growth in Grace: Caroline’s Transformation Story

Caroline’s parents died within one year of each other before she had turned three years old. She then lived with her aunt who was barely able to feed the household as a subsistence farmer. A drought in Malawi coupled with the abject poverty in the rural villages left the aunt with no option but to seek help. Social Welfare recommended Caroline be placed at the Rafiki Village Malawi to receive better care and an education. She joined her new Rafiki family just in time for Christmas in 2006.

When she first arrived, Caroline was extremely timid, and she hesitated to answer or speak up for fear that she might be wrong. She slowly began to grow in her self-confidence and courage. Although she never sought to be in the spotlight and quietly and patiently went about life, her face would light up with a smile that seemed to change her entire being whenever she was recognized and given attention. She proved to be a bright young girl, full of potential and always learning very quickly in whatever she did.

Caroline loved school, and she was a joy to have in the classroom. Gentle-spirited and well-behaved, Caroline developed into more and more of a humble leader and helper. She was polite, kind, and always willing to share as she demonstrated a loving demeanor to all her younger siblings. She has a beautiful smile and a wonderfully sweet spirit, and though remaining very soft-spoken, Caroline has continued to grow in stature and wisdom.

As one of the oldest residents in the Village, Caroline has helped look after the younger residents and strives to be a good example for them. Being put in charge of the student group responsible for keeping the school building clean and overseeing the younger children helped Caroline learn to be more responsible and do her part well, regardless of what others do. Through her hard work, Caroline has excelled academically. Her teachers commend her self-discipline and consistent study habits.

Having completed the Malawi National Exam, Caroline and her fellow resident students from the Rafiki School Malawi’s first graduating class celebrated their graduation on April 7, 2021. Caroline hopes to become a nurse in the future so that she can help the weak and sick. She has been working on showing more kindness to others and helping those in need because she believes this allows her to share the love of Christ by being His hands and feet. She prays for God's favor in her spiritual growth, and she desires to take the gospel of grace to her extended family and others. Caroline does her best to make time to spend with God every day so she can grow as a Christian and be more useful and effective in spreading God’s kingdom.