Carolyn and Doug Koepke

Koepke, Carolyn & Doug
  • Serving In:
  • Jos, Nigeria
  • From:
  • Abilene, Texas

Daily Prayer Topics

  • SUNDAY — Spiritual growth in the Word and prayer
  • MONDAY — Positive relationships with nationals and co-workers
  • TUESDAY — Work — preparation, creativity, and outreach
  • WEDNESDAY — Strong witness in our local community
  • THURSDAY — Family at home, our girls — friendships, schooling, and safety
  • FRIDAY — Sensitive communication with others and sufficient physical and emotional strength
  • SATURDAY — A deepening love for Jesus Christ, for the people in this country
Mailing Address:
PMB 2714, Anglo-Jos
Jos, Plateau State,, Nigeria

The Latest News from Carolyn and Doug

Latest Article: Feb.  2017

Can we ever get enough stories about “Hope and Change”? Do you ever wonder if the time, money, and effort spent teaching and mentoring is truly making an eternal difference? We have been steadily preparing the ground (children and staff), planting the seeds (sowing God’s Word), and watering the ground (mentoring).

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